Expert Testimony and Litigation Support

dse has reviewed and investigated over 190 dry cleaner and chemical plant related cases. This involved reviewing the sites, reports, files and dozens of other cases involving the related impacts. Many of these cases involve remediation and remedial cost estimates; investigation and cleanup of impacts; indoor air quality, including soiled commercial or residential carpet/interior assessments, asbestos, lead-based paint and mold; environmental consulting industry practices, errors and omissions; chemical plant safety, and environmental safety and/or health standards.

Dry Cleaner Spill

Friendswood, Texas

A room inside of a dry cleaning facilitydse provided litigation support and expert testimony involving compliance auditing, regulatory compliance for a dry cleaner involving a PCE chemical spill and a personal injury lawsuit. This involved extensive review of documents, including operating manuals, personnel procedures, interrogatories, and depositions of witnesses. dse was also asked to perform site soil and groundwater sampling. The case was settled in mediation and remediation costs are currently the responsibility of the insurance agency. The site is currently in the VCP with the TCEQ and proceeding through assessment and closure.

Jones Road, Superfund Site

Houston, Texas

A satellite map showing a PCE plume in February 2004dse provided litigation support in a lawsuit involving Bell Cleaners (Bell). This project was a TCEQ superfund site and is currently an EPA superfund site. dse was asked to testify on behalf of the manufacturer and provide document review and expert opinions. The opinions were to elaborate on the nature of the subsurface geology and hydrogeology beneath the site and the surrounding area in relation to an alleged release or releases of chlorinated dry cleaning solvent by Bell, as well as the probability of other sources of a PCE release in the vicinity of the site.

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